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As you would expect with an online sportsbook with so many programs and offerings, BetAnySports has a tremendous reference that spells out rules and guidelines. We are not going to go over the full list but you can access all of it by accessing their rules page directly on their website. Simply click on any of our banners or ads and navigate to the rules page.

There are a lot of events that are offered for wagering at BetAnySports, and there can be different rules depending on the sport.  Here are some of the general highlights for you:

  • There is a wide range provided for sports wagers. They can go from a minimum of just $0.50 to a maximum of $5000. BetAnySports reserves the right to reduce them or exceed them at any time.
  • The maximum payout on a parlay, teaser, IF wager, or RIF chain is $150,000. You can gain prior approval if you’d like to obtain unlimited parlay payouts. However, you would also forfeit your opportunity for any bonuses associated with your account.
  • Prop bets must have all participants involved in wager play for action.
  • Any special prop wagering that is made available for events or shows that DO NOT relate to statistics in game logs, which might be related to major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA Championship, World Series, or others, will be graded at the discretion of the management and will be based on recording of the live TV broadcast.
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BetAnySports Rules
BetAnySports rules are intended to define the Terms and Conditions that apply to all wagers accepted by BetAnySports and on any website powered by BetAnySports sportsbook.